STOA at Marmomac 2017

STOA at Marmomac 2017

TEKTA is once again delighted to be a part of the Verona Stone Fair 2017. It will be a great opportunity to meet us and discover our full range of innovative products.

We will be presenting TEKTA Cladding Technology in Hall 7 Stand B8 at the Verona Stone Fair 2017.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


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TEKTA Technology

TEKTA Technology

STOA presents its energy efficient facade technology TEKTA

Publication in STROITELI journal, issue 6, 2017

Energy efficiency is a powerful tool for stimulating the economic and social development of society and achieving  higher energy efficiency is a key element of ecologically sustainable development. The European Union is consistently pursuing a policy of enhancing energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption by adopting measures for the improvement of efficiency in the European community.  These measures include boosting the energy characteristics of products, buildings and services.

In the construction business the efforts to maximize efficiency are focused on the operation stage of buildings because the extraction, processing, transportation and use of materials that go into them are processes that consume a lot of energy and pollute the environment.

The building envelope plays a crucial role for reducing heat losses through its architectural form and orientation, insulation capabilities, protection of the thermal bridges inside it and control of infiltration through its elements. The choice of a fixing system that will ensure maximum characteristics of the building enclosure is the key to the execution of an energy-optimal project.

TEKTA system is an innovative, flexible tool for saving resources and energy due to the numerous advantages it offers:

  • Optimized design of the system components, which leads to excellent strength-to-weight ratio and smaller quantity of metal for their production;
  • Flexible design and capability to accommodate thinner outer and inner layers resulting in savings of material for constructing these layers;
  • Low weight of the substructure, which allows for it to be transported with lower emissions of exhaust gases in the atmosphere;
  • Durability and resistance to climatic conditions and corrosion of the material, which guarantees optimal functioning of the system;
  • ‘Lego-like‘ method of assembly of its components and possibility for preassembly, which cuts down installation time by 50% and reduces energy consumption, noise levels and air pollution;
  • The wide cavity between the substrate and the cladding slabs/panels makes it possible to increase the thickness of the insulation material, significantly cuts the loss of heat from thermal bridges and improves the energy characteristics of the building;
  • Capability to integrate energy harvesting panels; Use of 100% recyclable aluminium to make the components; Special oval shape and size of the slot, which spares the integrity of the panels, allows for the use of thinner panels and reduces the quantity of cladding material;
  • One-layer grid of horizontally or vertically positioned strut profiles resulting in substructure weight reduction and cost savings.

TEKTA is an innovative integral technology for building the vertical platform of the exterior wall and for forming the façade through intelligent and sustainable use of resources to ensure lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions during the whole life cycle of a building.