BILDA technology

In the course of our everyday work, the STOA team realized the potential for developing a system to serve as the stable backbone of building enclosures with a ventilated insulation cavity. That was how the idea of the BILDA system was conceived and how the system evolved into a tool for the construction of varied building applications.

BILDA technology is based on two main innovations: the precision slot in the façade panel and the Lego-like simple connections between all system components.

The precision slot (with half-moon shape) is machined with minimum panel intrusion and ensures a reliable grip of the supporting system components. It is easy and inexpensive to make with BILDA stationary slot-milling rigs or handheld slot-milling machines, which are light and compact, with high performance that guarantees fast return of the initial low investment.

The patented assembly principle of the BILDA system is the interlocking and dual clamping method, or the Lego-like connection between all system elements. Each component of BILDA system comprises a part or a contour corresponding to a part of the component it connects with (the positive/negative principle), thus guaranteeing accurate coupling on the building site.

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